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Tabletop stove – quick cooking in any conditions | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

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Table-type kitchen stoves are very popular due to their compact size, light weight and the lack of special installation, unlike their full-size counterparts. They are often bought for a country house, a rented apartment, used for camping holidays, and also used as a backup option for cooking.

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Varieties of table tiles and their features

All compact table-type kitchen stoves can be divided into several categories based on the following characteristics:

• power supply;

• number of heating zones;

• material of the cooking panel;

• heater type;

• method of management.

The power source can be gas (propane-butane mixture) or electricity. Gas-powered models are used mainly in rural areas, as well as where there is no electrification. They require proper connection and are considered not very safe to use. Electric stoves are more common due to their simple and reliable design, as well as economical energy consumption. Unlike stationary stoves, desktop options do not require a power cable, and are connected to a regular outlet.

The number of burners in desktop models is usually one or two. Hobs from the first category have the most compact dimensions, and from the second – they are considered more functional, since two different dishes can be cooked on them at the same time.

The hob can be made of three materials – enameled steel, stainless steel and glass ceramics. Steel is the cheapest option, the color of the enamel can be any. Stainless steel is characterized by increased strength and a long service life. Glass ceramics stands out for its spectacular design, and also has an even and smooth surface.

One of three types of heaters is used in tabletop stoves – TEN, strip element (High Light) and induction coil. The first option can be in two versions – open and closed with a cast iron “pancake”. Tape elements are characterized by increased reliability and durability. Induction tabletop tiles consume a minimum of electricity and go to the set mode almost instantly, but work only with special dishes with a magnetic bottom.

Management can be mechanical (rotary knobs) and touch (only in glass-ceramic models). The first option is considered more reliable and cheaper, and the second is more convenient, practical and functional.

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