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Russian rescuers announced the completion of the work.

A hole in the Sig tanker / photo by the Russian Maritime Service

The Russian tanker Sig, which was damaged by a naval drone in the Black Sea, was towed to the port of the Rostov region.

This is reported in Maritime rescue service of Rosmorrichflot. Thus, the emergency and rescue team completed the main work to eliminate the consequences of the impact. After being towed, the vessel was moored to the berth of the “Red Sailor” SRB in the Aksai port.

It is indicated that the hole appeared in the area of ​​the engine room near the waterline on the starboard side of the tanker. Russian rescuers collected 82 cubic meters of oil-water emulsion and about 600 kilograms of greased thermal insulation cladding. A boom barrier was installed in the engine room.

Attack on a Russian tanker: what is known

It will be recalled that on the night of August 5, a series of explosions near the Kerch bridge were announced in the temporarily occupied Crimea. The light went out there, the traffic of cars was stopped.

The occupiers announced an attack by sea drones, Russian media reported that one of them hit the Sig tanker launched in 2014. He was sanctioned by the United States of America for the delivery of aviation fuel to Syria.

Later, the network published possible negotiations of the crew after the attack. A video appeared yesterday showing a damaged tanker.

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