Taurian direction: the Armed Forces destroyed 40 units of enemy equipment in a day



During the day, on September 9, the Ukrainian military eliminated more than 300 Russian occupiers and destroyed 8 enemy ammunition depots in the Tavria direction.

This was announced by the commander of the operational and strategic group of troops “Tavria”, General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi in Telegram.

“Artillery units of the Defense Forces of the Tauriy direction carried out 1,468 fire missions during the day”– the message says.

In general, during the past day, the enemy attacked Ukrainian positions 17 times and fired 744 rounds. In addition, the Russians launched 4 missile and 18 airstrikes.

The enemy’s losses in the last day amounted to 321 people:

  • irreversible – 81,
  • wounded – 233,
  • captivity – 7.

In addition, 40 units of enemy military equipment were destroyed. In particular:

  • 1 tank,
  • 1 BBM,
  • 9 artillery systems and mortars,
  • 1 air defense,
  • 1 radar “Zoo”,
  • 1 PTRK,
  • 17 BpLA,
  • 6 units of automotive equipment,
  • 3 units of special equipment,

As noted, 8 Russian ammunition warehouses and 2 enemy control points were also destroyed.

It will be recalled that 600 more Russian soldiers were killed at the front during the day, the total losses exceeded 268,000.

Also, partisans in the Kherson region eliminated invaders who were transporting election ballots.

In addition, the border guards targeted the enemy’s command post in the Kupyansk direction.

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Source: Taurian direction: the Armed Forces destroyed 40 units of enemy equipment in a day


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