Taxes for victory, or how to revive a business from the ashes: stories of Kharkiv entrepreneurs  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Taxes for victory, or how to revive a business from the ashes: stories of Kharkiv entrepreneurs

Despite the shelling, destruction, fires and insane losses, Kharkiv entrepreneurs continue to work because they understand how important every penny is now for the country and the army. So they trade, provide jobs and pay taxes.


But no, this is already the second homeland here, the family is here, the children …

The Lebanese Khaled Kobrsl was not going to leave even at the beginning of the war, when almost all foreigners left Kharkiv. After all, he has been a citizen of Ukraine for a long time. And here is his business. Although the last spring of last year, when Kharkiv, and with it the largest shopping center, was subjected to devastating shelling, the entrepreneur had already said goodbye in his mind. Then, on March 17, in broad daylight, the enemy targeted the territory of Barabashovo, a large-scale fire started, in the vortex of which several shops of Khaled were reduced to ashes – three with fabrics and three more with household goods and dishes.

Khaled Kobrsli, entrepreneur

I was here in the morning at work, then, in the afternoon, I went home and, unfortunately, the beginning calls. guards and says that it’s like… bad news, our site suffered a little here and then I came and helped the guys, they put out…

Although the shopping center was subjected to racist attacks of varying intensity until the end of the summer, this one, on March 17, really became the most large-scale and terrifying.

Serhii Zaitsev, press secretary of Barabashovo shopping center

Then 25-30% of the shopping areas were affected. Then there were several more shellings, about a dozen in total, and this largely put many people out of business or out of work.

Khaled also had to start practically anew. Today, the businessman estimates his losses at a huge amount, about a million dollars. In the fire, which was caused by racist shelling, only this store of his – fabrics and accessories – survived. Svetlana worked in one of those that burned to the ground. He says that even now it is scary to remember those first days and months of the Russian invasion.

Svitlana Kravchenko, manager

We did not realize what was happening, we were not mentally prepared for it. It was all so unexpected that we did not even realize what our name was, roughly speaking.

However, Svitlana, unlike many salespeople, was still lucky – the girl was transferred to another store, so she was not without work for a short time.

Svitlana Kravchenko, manager

I worked in a burned-out store, which burned down completely, then, since I knew both that product and this one, they hired me to work here. We had a team of 12 people, only 3 people out of 12 came to work.

Such sounds are now most often heard in this sector. Life is confidently returning to the shopping streets, the burned garbage has already been removed and taken away, now the buildings themselves are being restored, goods are being brought in. So, Kharkiv business is doing its main wartime job – filling the state budget for victory.

Serhii Zaitsev, press secretary of Barabashovo shopping center

Entrepreneurs employ salespeople and porters, goods are replenished and taxes are paid thanks to this, people have jobs thanks to this, everything can be bought here, as before.

We will rebuild and restore everything, entrepreneurs assure. It will be even better than it was. And the real face of the racist empire is now known all over the world, including in its first homeland, in the Middle East, says Khaled.

Taxes for victory, or how to revive a business from the ashes: stories of Kharkiv entrepreneurs 5

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