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Touching wishes and bright postcards for Teacher’s Day in Ukraine.

Happy Teacher’s Day 2023 /

Every year in October, the Day of Education Workers is celebrated in Ukraine. There is no fixed date for the holiday – teachers are welcomed on the first Sunday of October. When is Teacher’s Day in Ukraine this year and how to express gratitude to teachers for their work on a professional holiday – we have collected the most heartfelt wishes and original postcards.

When is Teacher’s Day in 2023

Teacher is one of the most popular professions. And one of the most difficult. After all, a good teacher must not only know and explain his subject in an accessible way, but also listen to the opinions of students, pick up on their emotional state, tune in to positivity and goal achievement, and, in addition to all this, be an example of a balanced and cheerful person. It is the teacher who helps us find a place in society, choose a profession. It is such teachers that their students love the most and remember them even after leaving school. Teacher’s Day is a good reason to say a huge “Thank you” to your teachers, send SMS, and if possible – give flowers and hugs.

In 2023, Teacher’s Day will be celebrated the 1st of October.

Greetings on Teacher’s Day

I congratulate you on a wonderful holiday – Teacher’s Day. I wish to always keep in my heart the love for my difficult, but such an important and necessary profession of a teacher. Let the efforts add to you the love and respect of your students, pride in their successes and achievements, in which there is a lot of your merit. Be cheerful and healthy. Optimism to you and mental balance. Be happy, happy holiday!


Dear teacher, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you very much for your invaluable work and effort, for your good, sincere heart, for your perseverance and indomitable optimism. You are the beacon that helps students not to get lost in the vast country of science and leads them along the beaten path. Thanks for all your advice and kind words. I wish you many years of successful work, well-being and health.


Best wishes on Teacher’s Day! May you always have talented, capable and grateful students. We wish you great inspiration. Enjoy your work!


Happy teacher’s day, beloved teacher! Thank you for your patience and dedication, for the ability to share your knowledge with others, thank you for giving us your time, for giving us your talent and worrying about our future, trying to make it bright and important, thank you for somehow You have become a part of our lives, helping to develop and improve. Have a good day and good mood!


Accept congratulations on Teacher’s Day! Let your happy eyes always shine, and your soul will be full of goodness and peace! We wish you good luck in all your endeavors, original ideas and brilliant success! We sincerely thank you for the fact that each of your lessons is incredibly exciting and interesting, and may it always be so!


May every day be blessed with excellent health, a wonderful mood, pleasant colleagues, and obedient students. More support from loved ones, sincere relationships from others, beauty and balance in everything. Happy Teacher’s Day!


Our dear teachers, we congratulate you on Teacher’s Day! Thank you for the generosity of your hearts, infinite patience and understanding, dedication to work and love for your students. Being a teacher is not an easy job, so we wish you health, vigor of body and spirit. Let your students respect and love you, and let their parents always remember who led their children to the bright path of knowledge.


The warmest and most sincere congratulations on Teacher’s Day! We wish inspiration, patience, sincere smiles from students, gratitude from parents. Let each new day begin with inspiration. Be healthy, dear teacher, mentor, wise adviser. Thank you for your knowledge, experience and warmth.

Poems for Teacher’s Day

My dear teacher,

I congratulate you on the holiday!

I wish you inspiration

And happiness is too much

Work is only easy,

Health – so that without measure,

Patience for everything,

Well, for the heart – faith.


For your tireless work

I bow to you low to the ground,

Please accept our sincere thanks

The teacher’s work is hard!

May you live well all the time

Without grief, sadness and trouble,

And let the little one be noisy

Brings you joy always!


There is a profession in the world –

Give your heart to children!

The teacher’s heart is boundless,

No matter how he cuts it.

Therefore, a worthy teacher is respected.

Yes, love and respect

For a difficult job

And for the fact that I am growing!

Let patience be enough

Give us the skills.

And for your work, children

Sincerely, flowers are given to you!


Teacher! Advisor and friend!

You have chosen a difficult path.

We thank you very much today

Teacher’s Day for your work!

Those who helped to know the good,

To those who revealed the secrets of the roads for us,

To those who give us wings every day,

To those who opened our thirst for knowledge

Those whose work is hard, not easy,

To those whose word sprouts good,

To those who opened the sciences to us

Our festive and sincere congratulations!


Not everyone can be a teacher

Not every heart can speak…

A teacher is only one who knows how to hear,

Wing, teach and love.

Warm a fragile soul with caress

And to sow the field with kindness,

Infinitely, sincerely love the whole world

And to give everything to the children.


As a mother to children,

Like the sun to flowers

She rushed to the classroom.

And beautiful and dear,

And cute and quiet

My first teacher!..

Kinder than a fairy

Sweeter than a dream

She is brighter than the sun!

The only one in the world

One in the heart –

My first teacher!


Happy Teacher’s Day!

I sincerely wish you everything:

Happiness, joy and abundance,

That everything was in order.

Pupils to respect you,

Good luck to achieve!


Happy Teacher’s Day today

I sincerely congratulate you!

I wish you inspiration

Happiness and peace in life.

Let work be joy

Gives daily

May fate be good

Dominates all the time.

Teacher’s Day – pictures

Teacher's Day - greetings / postcards UNIAN Teacher’s Day – greetings / postcards UNIAN


Teacher's Day 2023 - Ukraine / UNIAN postcards Teacher’s Day 2023 – Ukraine / UNIAN postcards


Happy Teacher's Day / postcards UNIAN Happy Teacher’s Day / postcards UNIAN


Teacher's Day 2023 / UNIAN postcards Teacher’s Day 2023 / UNIAN postcards


Greetings on Teacher's Day / postcards of UNIAN Greetings on Teacher’s Day / postcards of UNIAN

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