Territories in exchange for NATO membership


There can be no trade in Ukrainian territories, the minister said.

Kuleba commented on the scandalous statement of Stian Jensen / collage UNIAN, photo UNIAN, photo

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba reacted to the scandalous statement of the head of the NATO Chancellery, Stian Jensen, about the exchange of Ukrainian territories for membership in the Alliance.

“The Secretary General of NATO and the head of his staff are two different people… The President (Volodymyr Zelenskyi – UNIAN) has repeatedly communicated with Secretary General Stoltenberg, I maintain a very close relationship with him. I assure you that the position of the Secretary General is absolutely clear and exactly the same as in Ukraine: there can be no trade in Ukrainian territories,” he emphasized on the air.Breakfast 1+1August 17.

According to Kuleba, Kyiv is currently working to ensure that Ukraine moves towards NATO membership as quickly as possible, rather than discussing options.

“I will dot all the dots above the “i”. Does everyone in the world want a strong, victorious Ukraine? Obviously not. Are Ukraine being swayed by the governments of other countries, or are they hinting that something must be surrendered – absolutely no, there is no such thing. Are there voices of various experts – bribed, sincere, useful idiots, there are very different… – there are. But I very clearly see the tendency that with each victory of Ukraine in the diplomatic arena or at the front, these voices immediately fall silent,” Kuleba said.

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Territories of Ukraine in exchange for membership in NATO – a scandalous statement and reactions

We will remind you that the other day, the head of the NATO Chancellery, Stian Jensen, called Ukraine’s renunciation of some territories in exchange for membership in the Alliance “a possible solution.”

Jenssen later said he was mistaken: “My statement about this was part of a larger discussion about possible future scenarios in Ukraine, and I should not have said that. It was a mistake.”

And the coordinator of strategic communications of the National Security Council, John Kirby, assured that the USA is not discussing the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO in exchange for territorial concessions from Russia.

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