Головне про те, чому росія - країна-терорист, чому потрібно визнати її спонсором тероризму та як це вплине на становище рф на світовій арені

Terrorussia: The main thing to know about Russia and its status as a state sponsor of terrorism

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In connection with the latest terrorist acts committed by the Russian Federation against Ukrainian energy facilities, the question of recognizing Russia as a country sponsor of terrorism is again in full swing – since international diplomacy does not provide for the status of a “terrorist country”.

The publication “Ukrainian Pravda” together with experts of the Yermak-McFaul sanctions group in detail wrote about what the status of a “state sponsor of terrorism” is and why Russia should be recognized as such, despite all the resistance of the US State Department and President Joseph Biden’s reluctance to take this step.

“Word and Deed” offers to get acquainted with the main theses of this material – what you need to know about this status and how such recognition threatens Russia.

1. What is the status of a state sponsor of terrorism?

This means that the country is officially recognized as supporting terrorist groups, financing, carrying out and helping to carry out terrorist acts. Now Russia fits the definition of a state that carries out all these actions.

2. Who can recognize Russia as a country sponsoring terrorism?

Theoretically – any country, as Lithuania did.

But it is best if the US does it; they have much more opportunities to make Russia suffer and force other countries of the world to implement sanctions.

3. What will cause the recognition of Russia as a country that sponsors terrorism?

The recognition of Russia as a sponsor of terrorism will have symbolic, financial, diplomatic, sanction and legal consequences for Moscow.

Diplomatic consequences: Russia will turn into a big likeness of North Korea. Diplomatic missions of other countries in Moscow will be withdrawn or reduced to the limit. Russian diplomats will be expelled from the capitals of civilized states. In general, diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation will be cut to the bare minimum.

Sanction consequences: initial sanctions will prohibit the participation of US residents in any trade and financial transactions with Russia; accounts and assets of all Russian official institutions will also be blocked. Secondary US sanctions will affect those who try to trade with Russia in defiance of the US ban. Also, Russia will be included in the “black list” of the American FATF, which will lead to the blocking of its accounts and transactions in countries around the world, including China loyal to the Russian Federation – if Beijing does not want to fall under secondary sanctions.

Financial consequences: blocking of assets and property of both Russian private organizations and state institutions, as well as the first persons of the state.

Judicial consequences: jurisdictional immunity is removed from Russian assets and accounts that are blocked – however, only for US citizens. That is, any American can sue Russia, win the case and receive compensation at the expense of frozen Russian state assets.

4. Who is currently on the list of US sponsors of terrorism?

Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Syria.

5. How to understand whether the state really supports terrorists?

In this case, there is a certain set of criteria that are guided when considering the issue of state support for terrorism. As already mentioned, Russia meets, if not all, then the vast majority of these criteria.

6. What is required of the US to recognize the country as a sponsor of terrorism?

Only the decision of the State Department. All.

7. Is it possible to do it somehow differently?

You can. The US Congress, which appointed the head of the State Department, can legally recognize the country as a sponsor of terrorism. In this case, the opinion of the State Department is no longer of any importance, but the matter rests on the signing of the necessary law by the President of the United States.

8. What will the recognition of the Russian Federation as a sponsor of terrorism change for Ukraine?

This will be a) fair, b) painful for Russia in terms of image and finances, c) will help in collecting reparations from Russia and supporting the sanctions regime around it.

9. By the way, why reparations?

Because, due to the recognition of Russia as a sponsor of terrorism, theoretically all victims of its actions will be able to sue the Russian Federation and win cases. Compensation to such people will be paid at the expense of Russian assets claimed by Ukraine.

Therefore, before recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism, Russian assets must be removed from the scope of the recognition regime.

10. Of course. And how will Russia be able to remove the stigma of a “country-sponsor of terrorism”?

This is a very complex process that can take years and decades. In the current situation, it will be very difficult for the Russian Federation.

11. Why has the State Department still not recognized the Russian Federation as a country that sponsors terrorism? What’s the problem if it’s so easy?

The thing is that Russia is too big, and it is also a nuclear country. Its recognition as a sponsor of terrorism can have various, including sad, consequences – for example, a nuclear war.

The State Department fears this, which is why they are saving recognition of the Russian Federation as a terrorist sponsor in case there are no options to influence it at all.

12. Is it the end of Russia if it is recognized as a sponsor of terrorism?

Unfortunately no. But this will definitely make it much more difficult for her to wage war and exist in general.

Anton Korzh, specially for “Word and Deed”

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