the actions of the DBR and DASU are similar to sabotage against the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Belbas said this during a press conference, reports the press service of the LLC “Ukrainian armored vehicles”.

“Having a legally invalid conclusion of the State Audit Service in their hands, they want to accuse “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles” of causing losses to the state due to the company’s profit. As we learned, the SBI is currently falsifying the case against our company, which will become a precedent for an attack on the entire military industry,” said Belbas .

The General Director of Ukrainian Armored Vehicles added that taxes have already been paid on the company’s profits.

“Taxes have been paid from the profits, and the funds have been invested in the production of weapons to defeat the aggressor. The actions of the SDF will lead to a halt in the production of mortars, armored vehicles, the supply of critical 120-mm mines and 120-mm ammunition, shells, and to an increase in losses on the battlefield.” Belbas said.

The head of the company noted that during the past year and a half, Ukrainian Armored Vehicles has handed over 30,000 tons of ammunition and weapons to the Defense Forces, supplies military equipment and ammunition cheaper than other companies and does not have a single “unreliable” contract, and is also a supplier of several volunteer funds.

“Our company produces Varta and Novator wheeled armored personnel carriers. However, unlike state-owned enterprises, it does not receive funding for relocation, construction and equipment purchase. All this is financed by our own funds from profits, which are limited to a few percent. We produce mortars 120 mm and 82 mm and 60 mm calibers, 60 mm mortar rounds. We produce armor protection for Bogdan self-propelled howitzers and Neptune missile systems. Immediately after receiving the right to import ammunition, we organized the supply of long-range rounds for Bogdan self-propelled guns, which destroyed the positions of the Russian invaders on Zmiiny Island. At the beginning of the full-scale aggression, we quickly handed over to the Defense Forces all the military equipment that had previously been prepared for export. During the war, the enterprise already established international cooperation with two NATO countries for the production and supply to Ukraine of 120-mm and in partnership with the ammunition holding of Eastern Europe, they resumed the production of 122-mm rounds for D-30 and 2C1 “Gvozdika” howitzers, Belbas said.

Earlier it was reported that DASU started sending letters to state structures with a demand to return the profits of private enterprises from which goods were purchased in 2022.

Ukrainian manufacturers of defense sector goods appealed to the president to stop the pressure of the State Security Service and law enforcement agencies.



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