The armed forces could liberate three settlements in the Kharkiv region, - ISW (map) |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The armed forces could liberate three settlements in the Kharkiv region, – ISW (map) |

The Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to liberate three settlements in the north-east of the Kharkiv region. About this in his summary for December 27 they tell analysts of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

“Ukrainian forces have probably achieved great success in the north-east of Ukraine,” the report states in particular.

Apparently, the Ukrainian army was able to de-occupy Dvorichna, Novomlynsk and Tavilzhanka. Also, the Armed Forces of Ukraine probably liberated the village of Kolomiychikha in Svativ district of Luhansk region.

Kharkiv Oblast de-occupation

On December 27, the head of the Kharkiv regional administration Oleg Synegubov said that today Russian troops occupy 1.6% of the territory of the region. According to estimates of American analysts as of December 26, the Russians controlled 1.7% of the territory. Thus, the difference per day was about 46 square kilometers, which came under the control of Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the Russian Armed Forces were able to repulse Ukrainian attacks on the Svatove-Kreminna line. At the same time, military bloggers wrote about what Ukraine had captured a stronghold of the Russians near Chervonopivka, 5 kilometers northwest of Kreminnaya. According to ISW, Ukrainian forces have been advancing in this direction since December 23.

In parallel with this, Ukrainian forces are regrouping and transferring reinforcements from the Kharkiv region to resume the offensive on the Kreminna-Svatov line.

Battle map from ISW analysts

We will remind, in the area of ​​Kreminnaya heavy fighting is going on now. On December 27, the head of the Luhansk OVA, Serhii Haydai, spoke about the invaders building a powerful defense line and drawing reserve forces into the region.

On December 26, the head of Luhansk OVA spoke about the departure of the Russian command from Kreminnaya to the village of Rubizhne.

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