The Armed Forces destroyed a Russian boat during an attempt to land on the Black Sea coast (video)


Six occupiers joined Kobzon, two more were injured.

The Armed Forces organized a hunt for a Russian boat / photo 28 OMBr named after Knights of the Winter Campaign

Ukrainian defenders destroyed a KS-701 “Tunets” type boat in the Black Sea.

As informs the press service of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the naval aviation of the domestic Navy masterfully worked against the enemy.

“In the northwestern part of the Black Sea, during an attempt to disembark enemy personnel, the naval aviation forces of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed an enemy boat of the KS-701 “Tunets” type. The enemy suffered losses in the number of six liquidated and two wounded occupants,” they said. in the Navy of the Armed Forces.

A video recording of a successful hit was also made public. It shows an enemy boat approaching the shore, the invaders jump out and start doing something, presumably unloading weapons and such. At that moment, an explosion occurs and the enemy boat turns into a huge torch.

The war in Ukraine – the latest news

We will remind, over the past day in the direction of Kherson, the Defense Forces destroyed almost a hundred invaders, along with equipment and boats. In particular, two unmanned aerial vehicles of the operational-tactical level “Merlin” and “Mohajer”, four units of automobile equipment, three boats of the DRG, two video surveillance complexes “Murom-M”, a field supply point, etc., were destroyed.

The total combat losses of the Russians since the beginning of the full-scale invasion are about 264,660 people.

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