The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed the newest radar complex of the Russian Federation for $200 million (video)


There was also an EW device near him, which was unable to deal with the drone.

The Armed Forces destroyed the newest equipment of the Russian Federation /

In the Kherson region, Ukrainian soldiers “hunted down” the newest equipment of the occupiers – the “Mezha E” radar complex.

As reported journalist Denys Kazanskyi, during the attack, the Layer-2 EW station was also destroyed. The enemy was corrected by drones.

“The newest Russian radar complex “Mezha E” worth about $200 million was destroyed, as well as the EW station “Layer-2”. Note that all these “unparalleled EWs” calmly allow drones to work and adjust their fire” , – the journalist writes.

He noted that the “crazy Kremlin grandfathers” decided to ineptly burn their newest equipment in the Ukrainian steppes.

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Losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine – current data

We will remind that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been protecting Ukrainians from the full-scale war of the Russian Federation for 562 days. Over the past day, the Defense Forces eliminated another 640 occupiers.

The total combat losses of the enemy as of the morning of September 8 were approximately 267,540 people. In addition, the Ukrainian military destroyed: 4,529 tanks (+23 units over the past day); armored combat vehicles โ€’ 8726 (+23); artillery systems – 5753 (+31) and many other weapons.

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