Українські військовослужбовці продовжують виконувати вогневі задачі зі знищення окупаційних сил та логістичної інфраструктури на півдні.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a ferry crossing in the Kherson region

Missile and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered an effective attack on the ferry crossing near the village of Lviv, Kherson Region, and on the areas where the forces and means of the occupation forces of the Russian Federation are concentrated.

This is stated in the report of the operational command “South”.

“Our missile and artillery units, within the framework of fire missions, delivered effective strikes on the ferry crossing near the village of Lviv and on two areas where the enemy’s forces and assets were concentrated”– informs the command.

Confirmed losses of the enemy are 37 Russian soldiers, three tanks, four howitzers “Msta-B”, rocket salvo fire system “Grad”, 10 units of armored vehicles and an ammunition depot in the Berislav district.

“The Su-25 aircraft that was damaged yesterday in the area of ​​Sukhoi Stavk has been confirmed to have been withdrawn from the enemy forces”– added in OK “South”.

On August 29, it became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine began offensive actions in many directions in the south. Experts assessed how the counteroffensive is progressing.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy did not confirm the start of the counteroffensive, saying that the real plans of the troops in the southern direction will not be revealed to anyone.

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