the authorities of Moldova plan to purchase air defense systems

the authorities of Moldova plan to purchase air defense systems

This was stated at a press conference on October 18 by the spokesman of the Parliament of Moldova, Ihor Grosu. reports Newsmaker.

According to him, the fact that Russia does not recognize the violation of Moldova’s airspace once again indicates the need to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities.

“We once again realized what we should invest in our defense systems. The latest statement by the Minister of Defense suggests that Russia, unfortunately, is in no hurry to recognize this fact [порушення повітряного простору Молдови]. It does not surprise us. This only reinforces our decision to seek opportunities so that we can not only track missiles and aircraft that violate our airspace, but also deploy systems that prevent such attempts,” Grosu said.

When asked how much money Moldova needs for the purchase of anti-aircraft systems, Grosu answered that the representatives of the Ministry of Defense should be responsible for estimating the costs.

“I can’t give you a figure. The military has to conduct the necessary assessment and propose a solution, which, yes, will be expensive,” he said.

Let us add that the Minister of Defense of Moldova, Anatoliy Nosatiy, said that Moscow still did not admit that three Russian missiles violated the airspace of Moldova.

“We have not received an official explanation. Based on the discussions with colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the conversations I had with the military attache, the Russian side has taken a more defensive position and is demanding more details from us, instead of admitting what happened. We are not received confirmation that Moldova’s airspace was indeed violated,” Nosatiy said.

  • We will remind you that the crossing of Moldova’s airspace during a missile attack on Ukraine by Russia will significantly change the mood in PACE and other international organizations. People’s Deputy Serhii Sobolev reported this on Espresso.

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