The bird posted the first photos after being released from captivity

The bird posted the first photos after being released from captivity

She posted the photos on Instagram.

In her story, Ptashka thanked the Ukrainians for their support and promised to return to the army soon.

“Thank you to everyone and everyone for the warm words of congratulations and support. Thank you for fighting for my freedom. We lick our wounds and in line. If I stop smiling, I’m dead. And I’m alive. I’m in Ukraine. We did it together. But this is only the beginning.” — wrote Kateryna Polishchuk.

She also quoted the Ukrainian poet Lina Kostenko.

“This was the beginning. And now I am home. And everything in the world has to be experienced, and every finish is, in fact, a start. Every defender of Mariupol will return home. Every piece of Ukrainian land will be won back. We have returned to fight on!”, Ptashka added.

  • On September 21, as a result of the exchange of prisoners from Russian captivity, 215 defenders of Ukraine were returned. The operation to release the prisoners contained three components – the exchange of Ukrainians for Vladimir Putin’s godfather Viktor Medvedchuk, the release of 5 commanders with the assistance of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the release of 10 foreigners who fought for Ukraine.
  • Freed from captivity, Beard and Ptashka have already met their relatives.

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