The Cabinet of Ministers will introduce sanctions against collaborating teachers

The Cabinet of Ministers will introduce sanctions against collaborating teachers

The authorities of Ukraine intend to introduce sanctions against teachers in the occupied territories who have gone over to the side of the Russians. In addition, restrictions are implemented against “educational institutions” that work according to “educational standards” of Russia.

It is reported press office Ministry of Integration.

The relevant decision was adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers at a meeting on September 2. The format of the sanctions will be considered by the National Security and Defense Council.

More than 60% of schools are already ready for full-time education – MESIn Ukraine, the number of educational institutions where children can study at desks is growing every week.
September 2, 2022, 3:04 p.m

«Teachers and educational institutions at TOT, which spread educational standards of Russia and recognize educational qualifications awarded by institutions of higher education of Russia, fall under special economic and other sanctions for a period of 5 years.– the message says.

Russian universities, their leaders and scientists who spread war propaganda also fell under Ukrainian sanctions. In total, sanctions were imposed against 81 individuals and 53 legal entities.

Earlier, the prosecutor’s office informed about the suspicion of “law enforcement” collaborators in the Luhansk region.

The Council also reminded that teachers in the temporarily occupied territory can be prosecuted for cooperation with Russia. This will be done if the teachers start teaching subjects according to the educational programs of the Kremlin.

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