The candidate for the presidency of the USA proposed to destroy the army of the Russian Federation. Espresso


This was stated by the US presidential candidate, Senator from the Republican Party Tim Scott, it is reported Breitbart News.

When asked about increasing military aid to Ukraine, Scott made a proposal to “destroy, as much as possible, the Russian army.”

“The bottom line is that we must first achieve a level of accountability that allows the American people to understand where our resources have gone. Once we take care of that responsibility and accountability, we will have an opportunity to consider an overall strategy that will help us weaken the Russian military while we use our resources. Frankly, keeping our NATO partners safe from the Russian military is absolutely necessary,” Scott said.

According to him, the fastest way to avoid the risk of US troops participating in the war is to “destroy as much as possible the Russian army”:

Tim Scott is a senator from South Carolina. He was one of five participants in the Republican primary debate.



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