"The case of the Dubnevichs": the court allowed the wiretapping to be used in other proceedings

“The case of the Dubnevichs”: the court allowed the wiretapping to be used in other proceedings

The higher anti-corruption court allowed the National Anti-Corruption Bureau to use the materials of secret investigative (search) actions in criminal proceedings on the fact of tax evasion and money laundering, in which searches were carried out on people’s deputy Yaroslav Dubnevich and his brother Bohdan.

Such a decision was made on September 7 by the investigating judge of the VAX, “Slovo i Dilo” reports.

As indicated, the NABU detective and the SAP prosecutor asked the court to grant them permission to use the NSRD materials from the case, from which the materials related to People’s Deputy Dubnevich were subsequently extracted, he was informed of the suspicion and referred to the court. It is about taking over the funds of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”. The materials are requested to be used in the case of tax evasion and money laundering. In this case, the Dubnevich brothers and their relatives were also searched.

VAKS allowed the detectives to use NSRD materials in this case.

As a reminder, “Slovo i Dilo” wrote that NABU is investigating facts that may indicate the involvement of Bohdan and Yaroslav Dubnevych in the legalization of funds obtained from the appropriation of gas from Naftogaz of Ukraine in 2013-2017. It is about the amount of more than UAH 2 billion (equivalent to EUR 67 million). As the investigation established, most of these funds were transferred by the owners of the Novoyavorivska and Novorozdilska thermal power plants to the accounts of the KRT Corporation, the beneficiaries of which are the Dubnevich brothers. Later, these funds were allegedly transferred under fictitious contracts to a number of enterprises with signs of “fictitiousness”. Thus, these funds were put into shadow circulation, with the aim of further masking their illegal origin.

The investigation believes that these funds passed this way with the aim of laundering and returning the final beneficiaries to Ukraine. Among the companies with signs of fictitiousness, the following were identified: LLC “Global Systems”; Entertainment Group LLC and West Metal Group LLC. According to the investigation, these firms had financial transactions with offshore companies after receiving funds from the KRT Corporation.

Detectives learned that “KRT Corporation” transferred over 7 million dollars to the Cypriot offshore KRT Investments LTD during 2012-2017. These funds were partially received by the corporation from the current accounts of LLC “Energy – Novy Rozdil” and LLC “Energy – Novoyavorivsk”. At the same time, the investigation established that during 2013-2018, companies in Ukraine, which are under the control of the Dubnevichs and their family members, received funds in the amount of more than 39 million euros in the form of loans from companies from Cyprus and Latvia, related to the Dubnevychs.

Such companies include: NR Solar LLC, Tsetulya Solar LLC, Solar Green Tech LLC, League Agro LLC, Lvivbudmax-Invest LLC, and Roksolana Shopping Center LLC. Thus, “Energy-Novy Rozdil” received $3 million from the Cypriot offshore ES Energy Invest LTD; “Cetulya Solar” – 8 million euros and “League Agro” – 3 million euros. The firm “League Agro” also received 100,000 dollars. from the Latvian company SIA Baltinvest Holding, and the company “Lvivbudmax-Invest” – 4.24 million dollars. from Cypriot offshore Suntown Projects LTD.

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