Національне бюро оголосило в розшук одного з фігурантів справи про махінації з арештованим майном. Його також викликали на допит.

The case of the former head of ARMA: the suspect was declared wanted

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau announced a wanted list for Oleksiy Koronskyi, who is suspected of being involved in fraud with seized property and transferred to the National Asset Management and Investigation Agency (ARMA).

The relevant notification is published on the NABU website.

“The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine is looking for a suspect in criminal proceedings No. 62019000000000639 dated 11.05.2019 for aiding and abetting the abuse of his official position with the aim of obtaining an illegal benefit”the agency informs.

Koronskyi was also summoned for questioning as a suspect on October 31 at 4:30 p.m.

The National Bureau announced a wanted list of one of the participants in the case of fraud with seized property.  He was also summoned for questioning. Maximum size image (opens in a new window)

It will be recalled that the NABU and SAP reported the suspicion of ex-head of ARMA Anton Yanchuk and others in frauds with seized property. According to NABU, the seized property was handed over to ARMA under the pretext of executing court decisions. ARMA officials, in turn, prepared justifications that such assets are difficult to manage and store, or they deteriorate quickly and may lose their value. In the future, the property was assessed by a company participating in the scheme at a significantly reduced value. For her, the property was put up for electronic auctions organized by SE “SETAM”. In turn, the representatives of the state-owned enterprise, participants in the conspiracy, organized the bidding in such a way as to ensure the victory of the predetermined private company.

NABU and SAP obtained evidence of at least four episodes of such illegal activity during 2019. Namely:

  • sale of three plots of land in Odesa region, purchased at one time for the construction of shopping centers of the “Ashan” network – realized 18 times cheaper than the market value;
  • sale of 2.6 thousand tons of medium and fine river sand in the Kyiv region, underestimation of the value by more than 6 times compared to the market price;
  • sale of more than 4.5 thousand tons of urea – almost 5 times cheaper than market prices;
  • sale of grain, groats and oil crops is four times cheaper than the market value.

As a result of the sale of seized property at an undervalued price in these four episodes alone, more than UAH 426 million in damage was caused. In order to prevent the further implementation of the crime, NABU and SAP initiated the seizure of the mentioned land plots and the money paid for the river sand. Recently, the investigation of this case was extended until January 23.

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Source: The case of the former head of ARMA: the suspect was declared wanted

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