The couple let their dog choose the baby’s name


They whittled their list down to three options and then trusted the dog to make the final choice.

The couple trusted the dog to choose a name for their firstborn / photo alofoto, Pixabay

Choosing a name for a child is not always easy, especially if you have several options and you are in doubt. And one married couple found an original way out of the situation, entrusting the choice to their dog, he writes Mirror.

Courtney and Oliver Brooks were choosing a name for their son until they were stuck between three options – Casey, Brody and Jackson. After that, they chose their two-year-old spaniel-terrier crossbreed, Gus.

They took the dog to a nearby park with three balls, each of which had one of the names written on it. Then they scattered the balls around the park and let Gus run to whichever one he wanted. And when the dog came back with a ball that had “Browdy” written on it, they decided to settle on that name for their firstborn.

Courtney and Oliver stated that Brody was still their favorite of the three names.

“We struggled with names for so long. We liked Jackson from the start and Casey was a family suggestion. We were at a wedding asking people what their sons’ names were and one said Brody – we just loved it… we asked for Gus to help. He picked Brody, and then he kept picking him. Anyway, it was our favorite,” they said.

The couple also said that the dog simply adores the newborn baby and assured that when they have another child, Gus will again have to choose a name for her.

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