The court extended the duties of the chief accountant of the NAAS structure


The higher anti-corruption court extended until September 25 the remaining duties assigned to the chief accountant of the state enterprise “Experimental farm “Stavidlyanske” from the structure of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences Olga Goncharova. She is suspected of involvement in the seizure of UAH 28.5 million of a state-owned enterprise.

Such a decision was made by VAKS on July 25, “Slovo i Dilo” reports.

As you know, the court arrested Goncharova with an alternative bail of UAH 2 million. After depositing the funds, she was assigned the following duties: to arrive at the first call; not to leave the settlement, where her place of actual residence is located, without permission; to report a change of residence and work; refrain from communicating with suspects and witnesses in this criminal proceeding, as well as hand over foreign passports. The SAP prosecutor asked to continue the duties.

“The request is partially granted. To extend the period of validity of the duties assigned to the suspect (Olha Goncharova – ed.) in connection with the application of a preventive measure in the form of bail to her for the period of validity of the resolution. The validity period of the resolution is two months, up to and including September 25, 2023, but within the period of the pre-trial investigation.”the decision states.

We will remind you that NABU and SAP exposed the scheme of taking possession of UAH 28.5 million from the state-owned enterprise “DG Stavydlyanske”. The investigation assigns the role of the organizer of the offense to the deputy director of the NIAC “TD NAAN”, who was informed about the suspicion in absentia. At the same time, the director and chief accountant of DG “Stavidlyanske”, as well as the head of the private company “Yunika Trade” were detained.

As part of the pre-trial investigation, it was established that, having considerable work experience in the field of trade in agricultural products and extensive connections in the National Academy of Sciences, the deputy director of the NIAC “TD National Academy of Sciences” in complicity with other persons decided to seize the funds of one of the state-owned enterprises that were part of the structure of the Academy .

According to the criminal scheme organized by the deputy director of the center, in 2021, employees of the State Enterprise “DG Stavydlyanske” entered into contracts for the supply of wheat and sunflower seeds with a predetermined company, which ensured the sale of agricultural products at a reduced cost. In turn, the deputy director of the center took on the responsibilities of finding companies-buyers of agricultural products that would buy products already at market prices, opening relevant bank accounts and further processing the received funds, their distribution among accomplices in the commission of the crime. As a result, the implementation of this scheme caused losses to the state-owned enterprise in the amount of more than UAH 28.5 million.

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Source: The court extended the duties of the chief accountant of the NAAS structure


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