The Czech Republic extended the training of military personnel from Ukraine



The Senate of the Czech Republic has extended the mandate to train Ukrainian servicemen until the end of 2024.

About this informs Radio Prague.

According to Defense Minister Yana Chornokhova, ensuring conditions for the training of the Ukrainian military is a priority. She is convinced that this activity on the part of the Czech Republic brings the end of the war closer.

It is noted that the support of this proposal allows not only the soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic to stay on the territory of the Czech Republic, but also military personnel from the EU and NATO countries. According to the established rules, the number of servicemen of foreign armies on the territory of the Czech Republic will not exceed 800 people, as was the case this year.

The document stipulates that military personnel in the Czech Republic will be able to undergo training under the guidance of instructors from NATO member countries.

We will remind, the Ukrainian military arrived in Spain for training on the Hawk air defense system.

In addition, at the end of October, a new group of soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began training on the Patriot air defense system in Germany.

Earlier, the Pentagon said that the training of Ukrainian pilots on American F-16 fighter jets could last at least 5 months.

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Source: The Czech Republic extended the training of military personnel from Ukraine


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