The Czech Republic has published a list of military aid to Ukraine. Espresso


He writes about it Military with reference to the data published on the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic.

The Ministry of Defense did not disclose the nomenclature of equipment and weapons, publishing only general figures.

The Czech Republic handed Ukraine 62 tanks, 131 infantry fighting vehicles, 5 RHC reconnaissance vehicles and 47 vehicles. 128 mortars, 13 self-propelled howitzers, 8,022 grenade launchers, 12 rocket launchers, and 16 air defense systems were also handed over.

The Czech government handed over 645 anti-tank missiles, 17,400 mortar ammunition, 4,900 missiles for rocket launchers, and 84,860 artillery ammunition.

Ukraine received 30 thousand 25 units of short-barreled and 11 thousand 233 units of long-barreled firearms, and 4.2 million cartridges of unknown caliber.

In addition, the Air Force was replenished with Mi-24 helicopters in the amount of 4 units.

According to data from the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, the country transferred personal protective equipment, medical equipment, fuel and lubricants, and spare parts for equipment. Part of the equipment and weapons was delivered from army warehouses, and the rest was purchased from local industry. The value of the transferred aid is estimated at 6.2 billion Czech crowns (about 241.5 million euros), and the remaining amount is 1.2 billion crowns (about 48 million euros).



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