The destruction is very serious: Raisins are preparing for winter  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The destruction is very serious: Raisins are preparing for winter News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Survival skills in extreme conditions: In Izyum, people learned to cook over campfires and use rainwater. Valentina lives in her sister’s house, her apartment was destroyed.


My apartment is completely broken. There is no balcony, the windows are broken, the frames have fallen and blocked the bedroom. The furniture has collapsed, I can’t even take my clothes out. I learned how to make a fire, I make coffee for an hour, then I started collecting rainwater in buckets.

Petro, the senior in the apartment building, is in no hurry to disassemble the home-made stove, which was used for cooking during the occupation. There are still power and gas outages.


Put a pan here, firewood here. It’s just that the stench has burned down and is left. She was given gas, electricity and water. It’s been a day, now it’s gone again. When they will, I don’t know. Before the war, there were 90 apartments, 3-4 people in each. There are 45 people left, now they are starting to come.

Gas workers are working in the neighboring house – they discovered damage to the pipe and are repairing it.

Yuriy, a gas welder

Somewhere around 300 damages were revealed in the city. There are those that may not have been found, they will be revealed in time. There are houses that have been completely destroyed, they need to be dug up. We came from Barvenkovo ​​to help the people of Izyum. They paid their own – they came to the rescue of their neighbors.

According to rough estimates, a little more than 18,000 people live in Izyum now, compared to 50,000 before the war.

Maksym Strelnyk, deputy mayor of Izyum

The destruction is very serious. In early March, the occupiers attacked the city and destroyed more than 80% of the infrastructure, including housing. Experts are currently working, conducting an assessment to reliably establish the real indicators of these destructions.

First of all, they help pensioners and large families. The broken windows in Ludmila’s apartment are now being closed. When there was an explosion near the house in early March, the woman and her husband were at home, the pensioners did not go down to the basement.


They put two chairs in the corridor and sat with the husband, because the husband was sick and could not go to the basement. And on March 10, a wreath was thrown, we were sitting here. Here and there it vomited with the frame, and here it vomited. And there in the hall. So it was. The man was still alive – they covered him with plywood. But poor quality. Food was cooked on a fire.

The man did not wait for the liberation of his hometown. My heart couldn’t take it, Lyudmila says. There are also houses in Izyum that cannot be restored.

Maksym Strelnyk, deputy mayor of Izyum

Currently, there are up to 10 such high-rise buildings that cannot be prepared for winter in any way. Others were partially damaged, that is, some entrances were destroyed, some survived. And experts are now finding out whether it is possible to provide electricity and gas to those apartments where people still live. And these are dozens of such apartment buildings.

5,000 families have already been connected to electricity, 500 subscribers have received gas. Works are ongoing. Mobile communication has appeared, but not in all areas, locals say.


Civilization is emerging, the water is already running, the house has been flooded. Civilization appears and breathing is easier. And in general, when our boys entered – it was perceived in a completely different way. It’s not like that, we used to arrange landfills on the streets. The house is standing, the roof is damaged, the windows are half intact. But we are at home. And there lived opposite us, those LNRovtsi, Z-ki, V-ki, and I told them – guys, why did you come, we are at home and we are not going anywhere.

The local school has lifeguards, a joint squad. This unit came from Ivano-Frankivsk.

We work in a mode where 10 people also serve the fire department. After completing the shift, we go to the facilities where work is being carried out to eliminate the emergency threat, after which we preserve this facility in preparation for the autumn-winter period. Now there is light, before we turned on the generator, they charged phones and power banks, they came to us to cook food. People thank us, they are glad that the occupiers left here and hope that they will not return.

A corner of the building was destroyed in the school, not a single window. Before the rescuers enter, the object is inspected by sappers. Two or three days are spent on each object. After emergency and rescue work, communal services will be able to work in the building.

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