The destruction of Il-76 in the Russian Pskov: a video of the special operation appeared


photo GUR MOU

An exclusive video of a special operation in Pskov, Russia, when two Il-76 aircraft were destroyed and two more damaged during an attack on the airfield, was published online.

Public activist Serhii Sternenko posted a video with the GUR logo in his Telegram.

The clip lasts 19 seconds. It shows a drone dropping explosives on planes parked at the airfield.

“Together with the Main Directorate of Intelligence, at your expense, we delivered weapons that destroyed 2 IL-76s, seriously damaged 2 more and hit several more planes. The total amount of damage caused to the aggressor is about 200 million dollars.”– Sternenko signed the video.

According to him, Ukrainian developments were involved during the special operation.

“We did not report on this purchase until we reveal what kind of means these were and what they are capable of, but we guarantee that so-called Russia will continue to explode!” he added.

We will remind, on the night of August 30, a massive drone attack was carried out on Russia. In particular, the airfield in Pskov was affected. Initially, Ukrainian intelligence reported the destruction of four IL-76 aircraft.

Later, satellite images of the airfield after the attack appeared. The details of the special operation were also told by the head of the GUR, Kyrylo Budanov. He stated that Il-76s at the airfield in Pskov were hit from the territory of Russia.

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Source: The destruction of Il-76 in the Russian Pskov: a video of the special operation appeared


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