The end of the war will probably be even more difficult than its beginning - Arestovich - ukraine news, Politics

The end of the war will probably be even more difficult than its beginning – Arestovich – ukraine news, Politics

The beginning of a counter-offensive is always extremely difficult and difficult, the expectation is that after two or three breakthroughs, the Russian defense will largely “fall down” and subsequent successes will be easier. This was stated by a freelance adviser to the Office of the President Alexey Arestovich in a programme Feigin Live.

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“We need to take the first two or three Everests, and they will be really difficult,” Arestovich said.

He emphasizes that “the end of the war and victory in the war may be in some sense harder than the beginning of the war – in terms of resources, in blood, in severity, in psychological efforts.”

Arestovich believes that in the current confrontation in the southern sector, “the one with the stronger will will win,” and it is difficult to defeat the Russians, since they also demonstrate strong will.

“Our task is to break their will, and this simply does not happen. They will not give up the Kherson region and all the conquered territory so easily. It will be – who will break whom. And we are breaking. But it will not happen quickly, and there will be a lot of blood.”

Ukraine’s victory in this confrontation, Arestovich believes, will be due to the fact that “this is our land, so everything is in order with our motivation and strong-willed component,” while the Russians have to “draw motivation from stubbornness, from faith in the” great Russian idea ” , simply from the professionalism of the military, the ability to impose one’s will on oneself and on the enemy.”

In his opinion, in this confrontation on both sides of the front “serious and strong-willed people who break each other’s backs.”

“We’ll break them, but it just won’t happen,” Arestovich says.

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