"The enemy is running."  "Da Vinci" subdivision "trophied" the Russian air defense system "Tor" in Balakliya: video - news of Ukraine, Politics

“The enemy is running.” “Da Vinci” subdivision “trophied” the Russian air defense system “Tor” in Balakliya: video – news of Ukraine, Politics

The Ukrainian Defense Forces captured the Russian anti-aircraft missile system “Tor” in Balakliya, Kharkiv region, liberated from the Russian occupiers. The video with the trophy was published by journalist Yuri Butusov.

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The Tor air defense system became the trophy of the Perun group, the Da Vinci subdivision (Dmitry Kotsyubailo from the Praviy Sektor, whose president on December 1, 2021 Vladimir Zelensky awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine).

Also, a video with a captured air defense system was shown by Sergey Filimonov, who starred in the film by a Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov “Rhino”.

“We are on the eastern outskirts of Balakleya, we are taking trophies… The enemy is running, those who do not have time to escape die, those who do not die surrender. Everything will be Ukraine,” the fighter said.

  • Balakliya of Kharkiv region is completely liberated from Russian invaders: watch the video, how local residents rejoiced at the arrival of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Today, Zelensky announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated and taken control of more than 30 settlements in the Kharkiv region.
  • According to intelligence, the invaders suffered significant losses in the Kharkiv direction, they are trying to evacuate the wounded military and damaged equipment to the areas of Olkhovatka and Borodoyarsky.

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