Ukrainians were warned about IPSO by Russia - UNIAN

the expert described a “controlled blackout” and gave a disappointing forecast

The blackout actually took place, almost the entire generation “went down,” Yuriy Korolchuk said.

If now the blackout can last 3-5 days, then the next one can be more than a week / photo UNIAN If now the blackout can last 3-5 days, then the next one can be more than a week / photo UNIAN

Energy expert Yuriy Korolchuk summed up the results of the blackout in Ukraine. In yourself Telegram channels he wrote 8 conclusions.

1. This is a classic blackout. No matter who or what they say. Yes, partial. Moreover, a blackout without predictable terms for the restoration of the power system. Full recovery, even with forced power restrictions. Previously, despite missile strikes, the system was conditionally in a state of full readiness to generate and distribute electricity. Repair works were the key to such an opportunity.

2. During the October-November missile strikes, the energy system was weakened and requires more funds and equipment for repairs. And in this matter, there is a growing deficit. There is not enough equipment.

3. Consumers will be connected to electricity for an average of more than 72 hours. Three days or more. This is with consideration and correction of all “errors” that occur when connecting consumers.

4. The energy system of Ukraine has not encountered such a phenomenon as a partial blackout before. Everything that happened before November 23, the missile strikes, was the shaking of the system, which led to the blackout.

5. In the conditions of missile strikes, there was a controlled shutdown of all nuclear power plants and part of the TPP to preserve the possibility of restoring electricity supply. What is happening now.

6. A controlled blackout has now taken place in Ukraine. Most likely, the events after November 23 should be viewed precisely from the standpoint of a controlled blackout. However, even control over processes in wartime conditions does not guarantee a stable exit from the blackout.

7. Previous statements by Ukrenergo and DTEK about the impossibility of a large-scale blackout in Ukraine were just words. The blackout actually happened. Practically the entire generation “laid down”.

8. The political subtext of missile attacks on the energy system is ascertained and recognized by both representatives of the authorities of Ukraine and Russia. Indirectly – by international partners of Ukraine. The beginning of the negotiation process is most likely the main goal of the missile strikes and the resulting blackout.

9. Given official reports that missile strikes may be repeated again, there are high risks of a repeat blackout. If now the blackout can last 3-5 days, then the next one can be more than a week.

A video of energy workers restoring power supply appeared online.

Destruction of the energy system of Ukraine:

On October 10, 2022, the Russian Federation launched attacks on critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. In just one day, 30% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure was damaged.

Since October 10, attacks on critical infrastructure facilities have not stopped.

The occupiers are hitting power stations, hydropower and heat generation facilities. An emergency power outage began across the country.

On November 15, Russia fired 100 missiles over the territory of Ukraine. It was the most massive shelling of Ukraine’s energy system since the beginning of the war.

Russia is trying to stop Ukrainian nuclear power plants. On November 17, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, announced that 10 million Ukrainians were left without electricity. On the same day, an anti-record for power outages was set in Kyiv.

On November 18, 2022, the KMDA advised Kyiv residents to stock up on water and food. DTEK urged Ukrainians to think about leaving the country for the winter in order to save energy.

On November 19, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, announced that the occupiers had destroyed about 50% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

On November 23, Russia again struck the energy system of Ukraine. The Zaporizhzhia NPP went into full blackout mode. The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine announced that a blackout had begun in the entire energy system of the country.

On November 24, 70% of residential buildings in Kyiv were de-energized. DTEK reported that the lights in Kyiv will be turned on for 2-3 hours.


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