The fact that there is currently no major war in the Middle East is a credit to the USA


This became known on the air of the “Espresso” TV channel.

“Let’s not forget that Saudi Arabia is a Wahhabi dynasty. It is a rather radical dynasty with a radical view of Islam and its enemies. Be that as it may, but yes, the fact that there is no major war in the Middle East right now is to the credit of the United States, because they are very stand firm and do not allow this war to break out with their diplomacy and their military presence,” he said.

Burkovskyi believes that if the USA withdraws from the Middle East, then this war will be primarily directed against Israel.

“For Iran to start a regional war against Israel, to try to unite everyone in this war, is simply a means of preventing a war that will be unleashed against Iran and its interests. Therefore, first they will deal with the USA, the next step is to attack Israel, and then there will be a division of the Middle East between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, such a scenario is possible. If there is a war, then oil prices will rise, the Persian monarchs will get richer. That is, the war, one way or another, plays into their hands,” he noted. .

War in Israel

On October 7, the Palestinian armed groups Hamas and “Islamic Jihad” launched a massive attack on the State of Israel in several places from the air and on the ground. The head of the armed wing of Hamas, Muhammad al-Deifa, said that his fighters launched the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation. According to him, these actions are designed to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. The Palestinians fired 2,000-3,000 rockets into Israel and simultaneously captured 7 communities in the south.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement regarding the invasion of Israel by Hamas militants and declared that the country is “in a state of war”. The country’s government applied the so-called Article 40 Aleph, officially declaring a state of war from 06:00 on October 7. The last time this happened was 50 years ago, during the Doomsday War of 1973.

On the morning of October 8, Lebanon’s Hezbollah announced its affiliation with Hamas and claimed responsibility for shelling an IDF base in northern Israel with rockets and mortars. Palestinian Islamic Jihad as well statedthat his fighters joined the Hamas attack on Israel.

Due to the situation in the Middle East, the UN Security Council convened an emergency meeting. However, no actions and no decisions were taken after it. At the same time, the British government said that it will support Israel in its fight against terrorists and is ready to provide it with all the necessary assistance.

During the night and day of the same day, the Israeli armed forces attacked the Gaza Strip. The main targets were command posts, houses of commanders, militants and ordinary soldiers of the terrorist organization Hamas. On October 9, the Israeli army returned to control all areas on the border with the Gaza Strip. Israel also announced a complete energy and food blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The leaders of the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy issued a joint statement in which they expressed their united support for Israel and condemned the actions of Hamas. Biden said that Israel must destroy the terrorist group Hamas, but the Palestinian state and power must be preserved.

On October 17, Hamas militants said that Israel carried out an airstrike on a hospital in Gaza, killing at least 500 people. The IDF launched an investigation. On October 18, Biden arrived in Israel and held a meeting with Netanyahu. According to Biden, the attack on Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza was not carried out by the IDF.

On October 18, Biden announced that the United States would send $100 million in humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza and the West Bank. He also plans to ask Congress to pass a new “unprecedented” defense package for Israel.

On October 20, the Ministry of Defense and the Israel Defense Forces announced that they would begin evacuating residents from the northern city of Kiryat Shmona, which is located on the border with Lebanon.

Hamas has released two hostages taken during the October 7 invasion and massacre of Israeli communities. American citizens Judith and Natalie Raanan returned to Israel and were to be reunited with their relatives at a military base.

The representative of the Israeli army, Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, said that now the IDF is preparing for the next stage of the war, the operation against Hamas may last for many more weeks.

On October 21, the Israel Defense Forces announced that the terrorist organization Hamas was holding 210 people hostage. They are in Gaza.



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