The first video with the captured "Bird" from "Azovstal" appeared

The first video with the captured “Bird” from “Azovstal” appeared

Kateryna PolishchukPhoto – Ukrinform

The first video of paramedic Kateryna Polishchuk from “Azovstal” with the call sign “Bird” who is being held captive by the Russian occupiers was published on social networks.

About this reported journalist Andriy Tsaplienko in Telegram.

It is known that footage of “Ptashka” was published by Russian propagandists. In the video, she communicates in Ukrainian and assures that she would stay in Mariupol if she had a choice.

Reminiscent of a concentration camp: “Tyra” told about being held captive by the occupiersUkrainian volunteer and paramedic Yulia Paevska with the call sign Taira spoke about the conditions of detention in Russian captivity.
June 21, 2022, 02:34

In addition, she noted that she is only embarrassed in front of her mother because she used profanity in one of the videos. She also stated that she does not feel sorry for the killed enemies.

The Russians call her a “sniper”, but the captive said in the video that she is not a sniper. “Ptashka” is a paramedic from the “Hospitaliers” medical battalion.

Kateryna Polishchuk is 21 years old. It was she who sang songs in the dungeon “Azovstal” that encouraged her brothers who defended Mariupol.

We will remind that in June, Ukrainian paramedic Yulia Paevska (“Tyra”) was released from Russian captivity.

On August 2, the Supreme Court of Russia recognized the Azov Regiment as a “terrorist organization” and banned its activities in the country.

Russia specifically wants to make Azov a “neo-Nazi regiment” in the eyes of foreign media thanks to its own narratives and propaganda – in this way, the aggressor country hides the war crimes of its soldiers.

Fuente: The first video with the captured “Bird” from “Azovstal” appeared

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