The focus has shifted from Bakhmut, but there are tough battles here – Zhorin


Photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Major of the ZSU and former commander of the “Azov” regiment Maxim Zhorin reminded that fighting continues in Bakhmut, although the city itself is not being stormed by the Armed Forces and is not being attacked head-on.

That’s what he’s about wrote at Telegram.

“Despite the fact that the media focus has shifted a little from Bakhmut, the battles here are very tough.

For the enemy, this direction has not become less important, so they continue to transfer reserves and strengthen those units that stand against us. And they even take the best units from other directions – that’s why they are increasingly trying to counterattack.” – wrote the soldier.

He noted that the enemy has ambitious plans for Bakhmut, but currently the Armed Forces are successfully destroying the enemy.

It will be recalled that the area of ​​liberated territories near Bakhmut has increased.

It was also reported that Ukrainian defenders are holding the initiative on the Bakhmut direction.

Earlier, Maksym Zhorin stated that the Bakhmut direction is still promising for the enemy.

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Source: The focus has shifted from Bakhmut, but there are tough battles here – Zhorin


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