The G7 is approaching a decision to confiscate Russian assets for Ukraine,


About this write “RBK-Ukraine” with reference to the Financial Times.

It is noted that the US, which previously did not publicly support confiscation, told allies that it had found a way to withdraw the funds “in accordance with international law.”

“Members of the G7 may seize Russian sovereign assets as countermeasures to encourage Russia to end its aggression,” said a US document circulated to G7 committees.

According to the authors of the document, the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine means that confiscation of assets can become “a legal countermeasure of those states that have suffered as particularly violated by Russian violations of international rights.”

In the United States, it is believed that the possibility of seizing the assets of Russian companies may be discussed by the leaders of the G7 countries during their meeting, scheduled for February 24, 2024.

  • The bill on the confiscation and transfer of Russian assets to Ukraine was registered in the US Senate in mid-June.
  • On November 30, the US Senate presented a bill on the confiscation of Russian assets.
  • The European Commission has a plan to attract 15 billion euros from the frozen assets of Russia to send them as financial aid for Ukraine.



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