The German Defense Minister was asked why the Taurus was not included in the new aid package. Answer: It’s not easy – Ukrainian news, Politics


Long-range Taurus cruise missiles are not included in the new aid package for Ukraine; in supplies Germany is concentrating on its strengths – tanks and ground-based air defense systems, the German Defense Minister said in an interview Bild. He noted that the transfer of these missiles is not an easy process, and the state government is weighing many aspects.

A journalist asked why Taurus missiles were not included in the new military aid package.

“When we help Ukraine, we ask ourselves: what are our strengths? These are our modern Leopard 2A6 main battle tanks. There is ground-based air defense. Our IRIS T SLM air defense system saves lives every day in Ukraine. We are ranked second in the world in military support Ukraine. Ukrainians value this very much, which they tell me about again and again in conversations,” replied the head of the German Defense Ministry.

The journalist noted that it β€œdoes not seem” that Ukraine will soon receive the Taurus.

Pistorius said it was the responsibility of the entire German federal government to weigh every arms transfer “very carefully.”

To do this, it is necessary to clarify all sorts of political, legal, military and technical aspects, he noted.

“It’s not easy. It hasn’t been decided yet whether the federal government will send Taurus cruise missiles,” the official said.

The journalist asked whether the minister was concerned that Ukraine could use the Taurus with its 500-kilometer range to strike targets on Russian territory.

β€œThere are procedures for this. We regulate by agreement with the Ukrainians how to use the supplied weapons systems,” Pistorius replied.

The interviewer noted that these missiles were technically complex and asked whether they could be used without the help of German army soldiers, either locally or digitally from Germany.

The head of the German Defense Ministry noted that this β€œis also one of the issues that we are looking into.”

  • Pistorius said Germany was preparing a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth 400 million euros, which would include ammunition, vehicles, mine clearance systems, clothing and generators.
  • On September 14, the head of the German Defense Ministry said that he was β€œnervous” at the constant calls to transfer Taurus missiles to Ukraine.
  • On September 15, Pistorius said that making a decision on the supply of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine could take about one to two weeks.

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