The gunners of the Russian rocket at the village of Groza were found


SBU photo

The security service exposed the traitors who pointed the Russian Iskander missile complex at the village of Groza in the Kharkiv region on October 5.

This was reported by the SBU press service on Wednesday, October 11.

“On hot pursuit, the security service established the identities of two traitors who corrected the Russian missile attack on a cafe in the village of Groza, Kharkiv region on October 5”, – the message says.

The perpetrators turned out to be two local residents – 30-year-old Volodymyr Mamon and his younger brother, 23-year-old Dmytro Mamon, who during the occupation of the region went over to the side of the Russians.

For this, the defendants received “positions” in the ranks of the occupying “Department of Internal Affairs of the Military-Civil Administration of the Kharkiv Region.” There, one of them was appointed “driver of the convoy group”, the other – “inspector of the road patrol service”.

However, on the eve of the liberation of the region, both traitors and their families fled to the Russian Federation, where they continued to work for the aggressor country.

On the instructions of the Russian occupiers, they remotely began to form their own network of informants in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Under the guise of friendly conversations and correspondence in the messenger, the traitors asked people for information about the deployment of the Defense Forces and mass events in the region.

“From the beginning of October this year, both involved parties began to collect information about the planned reburial of the fallen Ukrainian defender in the village of Groza. At the same time, they understood that as a result of an enemy attack, civilians – their acquaintances from the village of Groza, including those who provided them with information – would surely die.” – the SBU said.

Having learned the exact address and time of the memorial service, Volodymyr Mamon gave this information to the Russian occupiers. The Russians used the information obtained to guide the Iskander M missile complex.

Both defendants were charged with suspicion under Part 2 of Art. 28, part 2 of Art. 111 KKU. In addition, Volodymyr Mamon’s actions are additionally qualified under part 5 of Art. 27, Part 2 of Art. 28, part 2 of Art. 438.

It will be recalled that the Russians hit the village of Groza in the Kharkiv region with a rocket on October 5. According to the latest data, 53 people died, 5 more are missing.

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Source: The gunners of the Russian rocket at the village of Groza were found


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