The guy harshly took revenge on his beloved for betrayal and she will never be able to forget it


The revenge plan was clearly planned, the boy had prepared for it in advance.

The guy found out that the girl was lying to him, so he decided to teach her / UNIAN collage, photo

A confession appeared on Reddit from a guy who harshly took revenge on his lover for her betrayal. His heart was broken, so he wanted to make sure that she would never forget what she had done.

It all started when the girl started to be late at work and often started scandals. Soon the boy received a photo from his waiter friend. The photo showed his lover with another man. It turned out that she often appeared with him in the cafe.

The boy immediately asked the girl what all this meant. But she only joked and assured that there were absolutely no reasons for jealousy. However, soon the young man began to notice that his chosen one began to correspond frequently with a certain “Brianna”. At the same time, the girl told him about her new friend and said that she often spends time with her.

As a result, it turned out that she cheated on her boyfriend, and signed her lover with a female name. And then the offended young man decided to take revenge. He offered his girlfriend to make a couple tattoos in honor of the anniversary of the relationship (a picture on the hand in the form of a huge heart with their initials).

“My ex always wanted a tattoo, so I convinced her to get the same designs done for me to mark our two years together. She happily agreed, and in 4 days we went to the tattoo parlor. After she got the tattoo, I took the keys to my house from her and showed her a photo with someone else. I said that everything between us is over and I just left,” the guy wrote and noted that he never got a tattoo.

Within a month, he found out that his ex, who at one point lost her home and a lot of money (because she had to pay for the tattoo), was single again. She never managed to build a relationship with the one for whom she exchanged a boyfriend.

Network reaction

Users noted that revenge is really cruel, because getting a tattoo is not so easy. Commentators also write:

  • “An old tip from a friend of mine: The only names you should tattoo on your body are the names of your children and parents”
  • “Great revenge, it’s just an evil genius!”
  • “Every time she eats or says hello, she will see your initials, you are evil incarnate.”

We will remind, earlier on Reddit they talked about another revenge. A pregnant wife cunningly taught her husband who ran away from her to another country.

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