Наразі російські окупанти зосереджують основні зусилля на витісненні наших військ із Донецької області.

The head of Donetsk OVA commented on the failure of Russian plans in Donbas


Russian occupation forces had hoped to capture the Donetsk region in June, but as of the 174th day of the war, 45% of the region is under Ukrainian control.

Pavlo Kyrylenko, the head of Donetsk OVA, reported this in an interview UNIAN.

“The enemy hoped that the Luhansk region would be captured by May 9, and Donetsk – sometime in June. And let me remind you that the supply of high-precision weapons was not even discussed in May.”– noted Kyrylenko.

British intelligence named Russia’s new target in DonbasThe new goal of the Russian occupiers in the east is to seize the M04 route, the main approach to Donetsk from western Ukraine.
August 14, 2022, 09:44

According to the words of the head of the region, there are many factors in the fact that the occupying forces were unable to implement their plans. First of all, it is the stability and professionalism of the Armed Forces. Defense fortifications also help the Ukrainian military to hold their positions.

“We started actively working on the construction of such structures back in March. And, as we can see, it brought results. Plus – today we already have long-range artillery provided by partners. And this allows solving more complex, strategic tasks. In particular, we see that the destruction of warehouses is what prevents the enemy from developing its offensive potential.”– noted Kyrylenko.

It is worth noting that the occupiers are concentrating their main efforts on ousting our troops from the Donetsk region. The most tense situation is now in the Avdiivka-Pisky-Mar’inka direction.

We will remind that the terrorists of the “LPR” refused to fight for the terrorists of the “DPR”.

In addition, on Tuesday, August 16, almost 100 Russian occupiers died as a result of a powerful explosion in Lysychansk, Luhansk region.

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