The head of the Slovak Foreign Ministry spoke in favor of “peace initiatives” to end the Russian war against Ukraine | News of Ukraine


Foreign Minister of Slovakia Juraj Blanar, who received a position in the newly appointed government of the country headed by the Prime Minister Roberto Fico, the leader of the anti-Ukrainian party Smer-SD, said that he “condemns” the Russian Federation’s full-scale war against Ukraine, but opposes military assistance and supports “peace initiatives.” He said this at a press conference today after a meeting with Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky, reports Czech newspaper.

“We unequivocally condemn the actions of the Russian Federation as a violation of international law,” Blanar said.

However, according to the minister, the solution to the situation “has no military roots”, and Slovakia “first of all supports peaceful initiatives”, regardless of who they come from – the president Vladimir ZelenskyBrazil or China.

According to the Slovak minister, it is necessary to “stop the fight and look for a solution at the negotiating table.”

Blanar also stated that Slovakia has provided Ukraine with significant humanitarian assistance and wants to continue this kind of support. Slovakia also offers, for example, mine clearance specialists.

“But we will not supply any weapons systems or weapons from the stocks of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic,” Blanar said, noting that the country was running low on supplies and again calling for “peace initiatives.”

  • In September 2014, commenting on the war in Donbass, Blanar stated that “the Ukrainian government is fighting against its own residents.” He also stated the need to “ensure the rights of Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine.”
  • In April 2022, Blanar said that Slovakia had nothing to do with the “conflict” in Ukraine and accused the then government of “dragging” the country into it – in particular by providing military assistance.
  • Fico promisedthat if he wins the elections, Slovakia will not give Ukraine a single shell.
  • On October 25, 2023, a new government headed by Fico was appointed in Slovakia.

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