The Holodomor, in addition to trauma, has the potential for Ukrainians to see the crimes of the Russian Federation in a new way now,


He told about this on Espresso.

“Studies claim that the most serious international crimes, especially genocide, have an impact on all the direct victims and then on the generations to come. That is the horror of the crime of genocide, it puts a crazy mark on the victims, which is transmitted from generation to generation, this trauma , which follows and the fear of experiencing something similar for their descendants,” Vishchyk emphasized.

According to the legal adviser, in addition to the trauma, it is also a potential for a new generation of Ukrainians to see the Russian crimes that are happening now in a new way.

“Having full knowledge of how bloodthirsty the Soviet regime was, we understand better what the goal of the Russian Federation is now. It is too early for us to talk about whether the crime of genocide is present now, because it can be proven or disproved in our context, but we are clearly following , how Russian tactics became only adapted Soviet ones – the same methodology, goal and only the Armed Forces of Ukraine restrained this horror before it spread to much larger territories,” said the lecturer of international law at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

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Vischik concluded: “The crime of genocide and many international war crimes against humanity is a significant trauma that generations will have to work with. It is also about telling society the truth as it was, to debunk the myth and prevent anything like this in the future, so that society knew who it was dealing with and knew how evil is reborn and can return.”

  • On November 25, Ukraine commemorates the victims of the Holodomor. A memorial service was held at the Holodomor Museum.



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