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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Sijarto went to Hong Kong and there accused Europe of “globalizing the conflict.” About it reported representative of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolenko.

According to him, Szijjarto said that the whole world is suffering from the consequences of the Russian war against Ukraine not because of Moscow’s aggression, but because of the “globalization of the conflict on the part of Europe.”

He noted that Brussels should request an explanation from Hungary as to why the Hungarian minister is spreading fake news about the European Union in the interests of Russia.

“After all, we are talking here not only about Ukraine, but also about Hungary’s attempts to undermine European positions in Asia,” Nikolenko said.

  • On June 2, 2023, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban called the counteroffensive a “bloody massacre.” He said Hungary must “do everything” to achieve a ceasefire and peace talks before the Ukrainian counter-offensive. Advisor to the chairman of the OP Podolyak replied: “This is a deliberate humiliation of Europe and connivance with Russian terrorism.”
  • Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba in response to Orban’s words, he said: “If you want to help, use your connections, contacts and convince Putin to leave Ukraine.”
  • On July 1, Kuleba said that he was tired of refuting the senseless arguments of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban on the topic of the Russian war against Ukraine.

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