The influence of weather conditions on enemy drones should not be excluded,

The influence of weather conditions on enemy drones should not be excluded,

He expressed this opinion on Espresso.

“If we talk about the influence of weather conditions on unmanned aerial vehicles, then, I assume that due to the small and light body, their icing should not be excluded, which can already begin in November or December, when the first snow and sleet with rain will fall. Therefore , that our ordinary combat and civilian aircraft also suffer from winter weather, so they need appropriate treatment. But whether the Russians will treat their drones with the necessary reagents is an open question, and we will keep an eye on it. On the one hand, we can expect that these “air mopeds” will begin to fly less actively with the onset of winter, and on the other hand, we will not rule out that the enemy will find some antidote to this,” the military expert explained.

Ivan Kyrychevsky noted that before the shooting down of enemy drones, now there are good statistics at the level of 80% of all drones that try to break through our anti-aircraft defense.

“Practice has already shown that in order to detect a drone in the night sky, it is enough to have a machine gun with a thermal imaging sight, that is, the problem of how to detect them is removed. But how to hit, we have anti-aircraft machine guns, anti-aircraft Soviet guns ZU-23-2 or even “Gepard” anti-aircraft tanks. Moreover, the Poles presented us with a significant gift that helped increase the number of downed drones. Perhaps these were modernized complexes “Osa-AKM“or, according to some statements, it could be S-125 complexes on Soviet anti-aircraft missiles, which are already equipped with Western electronics,” he commented Kirichevskyi.

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