The Israeli army counted 550 unsuccessful launches of Hamas rockets: they fell on the Gaza Strip – video | News of Ukraine


The Israeli army published video unsuccessful launches of Hamas rockets fired by terrorists towards Israel, but which fell in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF says it has identified about 550 failed Hamas rocket launches since the start of the war.

β€œThe terrorist organization Hamas is using residents of the Gaza Strip as human shields and launching rockets from civilian infrastructure, areas and buildings in the Gaza Strip,” the IDF said.

  • On October 17, Hamas said Israel allegedly struck Al-Ahly hospital in the Gaza Strip, killing between 300 and 500 people. Israel denied any involvement and claimed the missile was launched from Gaza itself.
  • After a rocket attack on a hospital in different countries, Muslims began to storm the Israeli and US embassies.
  • The Israel Defense Forces showed footage of the area around the hospital – they did not show the craters from IDF bombs.

Read also: Biden on the strike on a hospital in Gaza: It seems that another team did it, not Israel

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