The leader of the coup in Gabon took the presidential oath


It informs BBC News.

Ngema was sworn in as interim president. In his speech, he did not mention the end date of the military rule.

It is reported that crowds of happy civilians appeared at the inauguration – the coup was welcomed by many who were thirsty for change. Some say the general’s rule will be a continuation of the 55-year-old Bongo dynasty. Ali Bongo’s father, Omar, ruled for 41 years before he died in 2009 and was succeeded by his son.

General Ngema spent most of his career in Bongo’s inner circle and is even considered a cousin of Ali Bongo.

What is known about the coup in Gabon

On August 30, a coup d’Γ©tat took place in Gabon, on the west coast of Central Africa: the military declared a temporary head of state, and the legitimate president was kept under house arrest.

General Brice Ngema led the coup against Ali Bongo, ousting the president shortly after he was declared the winner of the disputed election.

It was already the eighth coup in the former French colonies in Africa in the last three years.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that they are closely monitoring the development of events in the Republic of Gabon, as reports of an attempt to change the legitimate government by force are “extremely disturbing”.



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