The liberation of Donetsk – what are the chances of a breakthrough


Everything will depend on where the breakthrough of the front will take place.

Breakthrough of Donetsk: a military expert assessed the prospects / photo by Vadym Lyakh

Where the Ukrainian troops will move will depend on where the front breakthrough will take place, military expert, reserve colonel Roman Svitan, is confident. This direction can also become Donetsk, which is being talked about more and more often after the entry of the Defense Forces into Opytne.

“Everything will depend on where the front will break through. … It will break out where the Russians will not have time to stop the situation. And our reserves will go there. It could be Donetsk, it could be Horlivka, it could be Kreminna, Vremivskyi ledge, Vugledar, the Orihiv direction, or the forcing of the Dnipro, or, I don’t rule it out, even Energodar,” said Svitan in an interview with the “Argument” program.

The expert emphasizes that this breakthrough, on the one hand, will be organized by the Russians themselves.

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“They are now trying to spread the small reserves that they have in an even layer along the entire front line. Or they even sometimes transfer the reserves that have already entered the battle from one place to another, which no one ever does. … The Russians do this because there is no way out, because there are no real fresh reserves. … The units, more or less fully equipped, are thrown to fix problems along the entire front line, mainly in the direction of Luhansk,” Svitan explains.

Donetsk direction – the latest news

At the beginning of the week, it became known that the Defense Forces of Ukraine entered the village of Opytne, south of Avdiyivka and north of temporarily occupied Donetsk.

Military and political observer Oleksandr Kovalenko noted that the assessments of the operation in Opytny differ. Someone sees this as an operational-tactical achievement, while someone predicts operations in Donetsk.

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