The main Christmas tree of the city was lit in the Kharkiv underground  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The main Christmas tree of the city was lit in the Kharkiv underground News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Kharkiv is without its famous Christmas tree on Svobody Square for the first time. This year, the children’s holiday was held underground, at the University metro station, for the sake of safety. The first festive performance took place on St. Nicholas’ Day. On the stage, Santa and his helper, a female elf. Saint Nicholas himself accepts the wishes of the little people of Kharkiv. But it is not so easy to get to it – elves are very picky about visitors.

Do you obey your parents at all? Do you believe in miracles? Come in, come in.

St. Nicholas of Kharkiv is in no hurry. The plan is to meet all the children. The underground format of the wizard’s holiday suits.

Saint Nicholas

This is a fairy tale and it doesn’t matter where we are, so that the children are happy with us. I think I will stay here for a month, I want to see all the children.


A very good idea, children need a holiday, even in such conditions. They want smiles. I think it was a good idea to make such a holiday for children. You look at how many Christmas trees there are, how many lights, but there were big Christmas trees on our streets, there were dances, there were poems. But underground was not without poems – such a tradition.


Through the white field, through the forest,

From the hill to the valley

Santa Claus brought guests

Christmas tree for children.


The thumb was hungry: “I wish I could get some lard!”

The person pointing behind him sighs: “What a brat!” There is no cereal.

And the middle one says quietly: – What a groat! Without bread, disaster.

Pidmizynny almost cries: – Such a lazy life!

And the little finger: – Come on, brother, you have to get to work.

Children are happy with the atmosphere of the holiday, adults are satisfied with the choice of the location of the city’s main Christmas tree.

Well, how calmer now underground. Everything will get better and, God forbid, next year we will have a Christmas tree, as always, on the square, beautifully.

A lot of decorations, decorations, photo zones – budget funds were not spent on this. They say that entrepreneurs helped with everything. The height of the Christmas tree is 5 and a half meters.

Igor Terekhov, mayor of Kharkiv

This is the deepest subway station, and that’s why we put a Christmas tree here so that both children and adults can see it. – Is it new or has it been somewhere? – This is one of the Christmas trees that we had in the city districts and it is standing here now.

Also, according to the mayor, illumination does not consume a lot of electricity – energy-saving technologies are used.

The city's main Christmas tree was lit in the Kharkiv underground 5

In the Kharkiv underground, the main Christmas tree of the city was lit on 11

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