The majority of the Security Council supports the UN investigation into Iranian drones in Ukraine

The majority of the Security Council supports the UN investigation into Iranian drones in Ukraine

In New York, a meeting of the Security Council, convened on Wednesday at the request of Russia, was devoted to this issue. reports Ukrinform.

French Permanent Representative to the UN Nicolas de Riviere said: “The facts are clear: Iran has provided drones to Russia, which is using them in its war of aggression and indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets. These facts, which can be recognized as war crimes, are firmly documented.” .

He emphasized that Iran’s supply of weapons is prohibited by UN Security Council Resolution 2231 of July 20, 2015. Clause 4 of this document requires prior approval by the Security Council of such supplies.

France demands that Iran immediately stop any support for the aggressive war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, de Riviere emphasized. He also called on the UN Secretariat to conduct an appropriate investigation so that the Secretary General would include the data obtained in the report on the implementation of Resolution 2231.

According to the post-predator, earlier, at a closed meeting of members of the Security Council, a representative of the Russian Federation stated that Moscow uses its own drones. “Therefore, it is difficult to understand why Russia does not want us to examine the wreckage (of drones – ed.) together with experts.”

It is Russia that does not respect Article 100 of the UN Charter and the independence of the secretariat. “What’s more, it is Russia that is resorting to blackmail, threatening to sever relations with the UN if the secretariat does not obey its will,” the diplomat noted.

According to James Kariuki, the deputy ambassador of Great Britain to the UN, by bringing this issue to the attention of the Security Council, the Russian Federation is trying to divert attention from its crimes on the territory of Ukraine. “Russia and Iran, which violated resolution 2231, were caught red-handed, and now Moscow is inventing arguments because it cannot explain its actions,” he said.

Among the members of the Security Council, the idea of ​​conducting an investigation under the auspices of the UN was also supported by the USA, Albania, Ireland, Norway, Ghana, Mexico, the UAE, and Kenya (that is, at least 10 of the 15 members).

It should be noted that on October 14, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN, Serhiy Kyslytsia, sent a letter to Secretary General Antonio Guterres and members of the UN Security Council, in which he expressed a request from the Ukrainian side to send experts to our country to inspect the use of drones.

In the letter, Kyslytsia noted that according to publicized information, “Unmanned aerial vehicles of the Mohajer and Shahed series were transferred from Iran to Russia” at the end of August, and “Ukraine assesses that this is probably part of Iran’s plans to export hundreds of UAVs to Russia.” .

According to the diplomat, both models of drones fall under the category of prohibited weapons, as they have a flight range equal to or greater than 300 kilometers. In addition, the Mohajer series UAVs are produced by Qods Aviation, which is blacklisted by the UN and its assets are subject to freezing by all countries.

  • It will be recalled that the United States accused Russia of trying to intimidate the UN and avoid responsibility together with Iran for violating Security Council Resolution 2231 due to the use of Iranian drones to strike civilian objects in Ukraine.

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