The Medvedevs must follow their ships

The Medvedevs must follow their ships

We saw Hanna Hopko, who, together with public activists, does a lot here to advocate support for Ukraine. We really need such work for victory, because each country, including our allies, has its own interests and depends on its own political situation.

We have to rely on ourselves and convince our allies to increase their support. It is also difficult without her.

I read about the crazy Medvedev, I read about Ukrainians who made a career in Russia, now they are disgusted by this and now they want to make a good Russia in Ukraine. “Good Russians” write the same.

Everyone has their own vision and desire.

The Medvedevs must follow their ships.

Let the “good Russians” fight the bad guys on their own territory. We can help, but this is their war.

Ukrainians must build a Ukrainian Ukraine. It is very important that it be democratic. All the authoritarian tendencies in domestic politics are also inhibiting the provision of assistance to us. The Medvedevs are like ghosts from the past. We will win!!!


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