The Ministry of Defense has started testing women’s bulletproof vests


About this informs press service of the Ministry of Defense.

“The women of one of the military units of the Armed Forces are testing two models of modular bulletproof vests with a structurally curved plate. The new development takes into account the peculiarities of the body structure of female military personnel. The personal protective equipment is tested during training and combat tasks, which makes it possible to bring the conditions of use of the new “armor” as close as possible to combat “, the message says.

It is indicated that the test wearing of bulletproof vests is taking place for the second time: after the first time, the manufacturers took into account all the wishes of women. In particular, they paid attention to anthropometric data, so that it was convenient for servicemen to work with weapons.

After the experimental wearing of body armor in “field” conditions is completed, laboratory tests will take place. Manufacturers will test the body armor under different climatic conditions.

“According to the results of these tests, the Ministry of Defense will approve the standard samples, then the body armor will be considered accepted for supply by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The next step will be the procurement of new personal protective equipment,” the department added.

Women’s bulletproof vest is distinguished by the fact that it has damping inserts. Men do not have them, but women need them, as they provide a tight fit to the body and perform a protective function.

  • On July 15, the Ministry of Defense began checking the first samples of body armor for female military personnel for technical certification.



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