The Ministry of Education and Culture reacted to the data on “Moldovan” language textbooks in Ukraine


He writes about it “European truth”.

The Prime Minister of Romania Marcel Cholaku reacted to the material of the local publication Freedomin which it was stated that the publishing house “Svit” is preparing textbooks “Moldovan language” and “Moldovan and world literature” for 5th graders in Odesa.

The Prime Minister of Romania, Marcel Cholaku, announced on the evening of November 15 that he immediately called Ukraine.

“Last night I was irritated, I fell asleep around 1:30, I also called Ukraine as usual. I also asked the foreign policy adviser to call Ukraine to find out what was going on, because the article in Libertatea came out… The article is correct in substance. We found out the truth: these manuals were printed,” said Cholaku.

He called the fact that these textbooks were printed in the “Moldovan language” a “logistical problem”, despite the Ukrainian government’s promise to abandon the phrase “Moldovan language” and recognize Romanian as the only language spoken by the Romanian minority in Ukraine.

According to Libertatea, Anatol Popescu, president of the Bessarabia Association of Romanians of the Odesa region, sent an e-mail to the director of the Svit publishing house, Ihor Melnyk, with a request to stop the process of publishing these manuals. The publisher replied that “the publishing house cannot independently decide whether to print or not to print certain books financed by the state.”

Melnyk added that he had not received any decision from the Ukrainian government to abandon the “Moldovan” language in education.

“No one has heard of any decision of the Ukrainian executive, which Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu informed the public with great fanfare right after the first joint meeting of the two governments on October 18,” Popescu said.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine announcedwhich suspended the printing of textbooks from the so-called “Moldovan” language.

They noted that in Ukraine, instead of the term “Moldovan language”, only “Romanian language” is officially used, and all official decisions and documents will be prepared taking into account this change.

Commenting on the information about the textbooks, the Ministry of Education and Culture indicated that they were approved for printing back in May, and the main circulation was printed in the summer, before the transition to the “Romanian language”.

“Today, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has stopped any additional printing of these textbooks. It is also developing a mechanism to replace previously printed copies with textbooks in the Romanian language,” the agency added.



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