Найстрашніша ніч для Харкова: десятки жертв, серед яких – діти 5

The most terrible night for Kharkiv: dozens of victims, including children News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The terror of the civilian population of Kharkiv does not stop: the previous evening, the occupiers struck a three-story dormitory building in the Slobid district. As a result – terrible destruction and a large-scale fire. 13 dead, 20 wounded.

Evgeny Vasylenko, spokesperson of the State Emergency Service of the Kharkiv region.

A fire broke out directly here, the area of ​​which was 600 square meters. meters, rescuers arrived on the scene – a total of 18 units of equipment and 80 personnel. The fire was extinguished.

In the morning, rescuers continued to search for people under the rubble. People with hearing impairments lived in the dormitory, so there is a possibility that some of the victims simply did not hear that the search was underway and could not respond.

Dmytro Chubenko, spokesman of the prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region

Previously, several dozen people were inside at the time of the rocket impact, from 20 to 40 people. Rescuers are working on the spot, after that prosecutors will work.

According to law enforcement officers, the Rashists hit the dormitory with an Iskander rocket.


We even saw her flying, very low. We live on the 8th floor and thought she would get into our skyscraper.

Tamara managed to escape. After what she had to go through at night, the woman still cannot recover.


I went into the corridor, I started to break down the door, I saw that there were no stairs. There is already a fire, there is smoke. Then I was through the window – the net was opened, I jumped out. And Vadim came out on the other side, they took him away. The girl from room 6 did not survive. That’s it, the fire started, when they left – half of the house was gone. Yesterday they gave me pants and a T-shirt, nothing. She lived for 50 years – she collected, did not steal, did not kill, she went to work. Now who can help me?

The woman already knows that several of her neighbors have died. For some, there is no information yet.


Well, the dead: grandmother Anya, grandfather Borya, brothers Simonenki. Here we have dumb-deaf-mutes. Everyone lived together, there were a lot of elderly people. It’s like a hostel. The believer Sveta always helped, children came to her, she was engaged in humanitarian work Hay reign.

Law enforcement officers are comparing the lists of residents with those who were saved and those who died. They say that the data is constantly updated – the house could have been inhabited by displaced persons. Tatyana now lives in another district, in the morning the woman came to see her apartment.


In the house in which only a part remained – I have an apartment there on the 1st floor. I’m going to see what’s going on with the apartment. They called me at night, they said that windows and doors were broken.


We were saved by the fact that we had a wardrobe here. The speakers stood – flew past the head. How they got out, we don’t know. It’s dark, hell. Unclear. Slightly scratched glass. We can’t find the cat. Whether he is alive or not … thanks to the Russian world.

In the morning, the occupiers again launched a rocket attack on Kharkiv and the region. At 5 o’clock in the morning, two rockets hit the premises of the tram depot in the Slobid district. The repair shop and the dormitory, which stood close to each other, were damaged. Four dead, including an 11-year-old boy. 22 people were injured, including a 13-year-old boy and girl. The dormitory is partially destroyed. People had to get out of the building by themselves, through the windows and through the roof.

Valentina Ivanovna

I sleep on the armchair and the child on the couch. I want to go out to the door, but it collapsed. I then back – the window is open. I say, Lesha, let’s go to the window. And they began to leave.

Not even taken aback, ran into the second room, there is a child. In what she stood, barefoot, a child in only shorts. We ran out into the corridor and the brains immediately work – two walls. In general, the son saved us – in February, all the windows were overlapped with adhesive tape. If not for this, it would be cut with glass. And without a single scratch.

Around 4 o’clock in the morning, the occupiers also shelled Krasnograd. The rocket hit a residential building, which was completely destroyed.

Volodymyr Tymoshko, head of the Kharkiv Oblast GUNP.

There are 2 dead, 2 wounded, among the wounded is a 12-year-old child. Her parents died, she was in the room with her parents at the time of the explosion. Her parents died, and she was thrown into the yard by an explosive wave. Therefore, she remained alive, but wounded.

As for the purpose of the shelling, we can only make assumptions – there are no military facilities nearby.

Dmytro Chubenko, spokesman of the prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region.

No reasonable actions are seen in what they do. Perhaps, once again, they did not hit where they wanted. Perhaps they are terrorizing the population of Kharkiv so that people leave.

Igor Terekhov, mayor of Kharkiv

If we talk about the situation, these are the biggest losses that Kharkov has suffered since the beginning of the war, I’m talking about people, victims. And tomorrow a day of mourning will be declared in the city of Kharkov.

According to the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, a total of 17 civilians were killed and 42 injured as a result of a massive attack by the occupiers on Kharkiv on the night of August 17-18. 4 children are in hospitals.

The most terrible night for Kharkiv: dozens of victims, including 11 children

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