The National Bank has changed the volume of currency sales to the population: details

The National Bank has changed the volume of currency sales to the population: details

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The NBU allowed banks to sell to customers the entire volume of non-cash currency purchased from citizens.

This was reported by the press service of the NBU.

Inflation in Ukraine at the end of the year will exceed 30% – National BankThe NBU predicts that inflation will exceed 30 percent at the end of this year. But in 2023, it may decrease to 20.7 percent, and in 2024 to 9.4 percent.
July 21, 2022, 3:22 p.m

“The amount of cash currency that the bank can offer to the population will include the entire amount of non-cash currency that it has purchased from citizens since April 13, 2022, and not half of it”– said the message.

As the bank noted, expanding the supply of cash currency will help stabilize the situation in the cash segment of the foreign exchange market and will not affect Ukraine’s international reserves.

The NBU also prohibited the purchase of foreign currency by businesses before spending the currency available to them. The relevant changes were adopted by the resolution of the board of the NBU No. 197 of September 2, which will enter into force on September 6.

“The National Bank determined that in order to carry out calculations in foreign currency, the enterprise must first use the foreign currency it has, and then, if necessary, buy it on the currency market of Ukraine”– said the National Bank.

As of September 2, the volume of funds in the currency accounts of clients – legal entities in the banking system is 8.7 billion dollars.

Despite this, the NBU believes that the appropriate norm will reduce the demand for foreign currency and allow Ukraine’s international reserves to be preserved.

We will remind you that in August, the NBU introduced additional prohibitions for collectors.

Earlier, the NBU told how much financial aid Ukraine has received since the beginning of the war.

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