The National Bank resumes the circulation of state securities

The National Bank resumes the circulation of state securities

In Ukraine, the circulation of government securities is being restored. The NBU claims that this will help rebuild the economy.

About this reports National Bank press office.

Resumption of operations with securities will allow financial institutions to determine their market price. According to the NBU, a postponement of the application of tariffs for depository services until December 22, 2022 is also introduced.

The NBU’s first “wartime” forecast: what will happen to salaries, prices and utility tariffsThe inflation report of the National Bank of Ukraine for July 2022 contains the first war forecast. The fiscal regulator provided guidance on what the levels of unemployment and inflation will be, how people’s incomes, food prices, fuel and utility tariffs will change.
July 29, 2022, 3:20 p.m

«This step will allow capital market participants to gradually adapt their business processes to the new conditions in the financial markets“, the department adds.

We will remind you that the National Bank of Ukraine has established additional requirements regarding the ethical behavior of collectors. Despite the adoption of the new law, the NBU continues to receive reports from Ukrainians about the illegal actions of financial institutions and debt collection companies.

It was also reported that the National Bank made a decision to strengthen the requirements for currency exchange points – from now on, transactions must be recorded on video, and information about currency rates is forbidden to be displayed on the board.


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